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You have probably heard about sciatica without ever really understanding what it was all about. The sciatic nerve is a major nerve of the body which begins at the lower back and extends all the way down into the feet. It consists of a number of smaller nerve roots which band together to create the largest individual nerve in your whole body. Any time the sciatic nerve gets irritated or pinched, it can cause a kind of numbness or tingling in one of your legs.

Sciatic nerve pain can be experienced as a severe pain, which at times might be quite excruciating. Victims have described it as a shooting, burning, or searing pain which is sometimes localized, and which also sometimes travels throughout the lower back, calves, thighs, buttocks, feet, and toes. Although your pain may be felt in any or all of these areas at once, sciatic pain typically originates in the lower back, which is where the nerve has usually been compressed.

Most victims will feel sciatic pain in either the left or the right leg, as opposed to sensing it in both legs at the same time. It can be extremely difficult for victims of sciatic pain to perform normal sitting, standing, walking, or even lying down. If you experience this type of sciatic pain, you should seek Rapid City sciatica treatment at the Thrive Chiropractic Center.

Causes of Sciatica Pain

There are many sources of sciatica pain

There are actually quite a few causes of sciatic pain, since there are a number of situations which will exert pressure on the sciatic nerve itself. Here are some of the most common reasons why your sciatic nerve might become pinched or compressed:

  • fracture
  • herniated disc
  • disc degeneration
  • muscle strain
  • pregnancy
  • spinal tumor
  • sacroiliac joint dysfunction
  • birth deformities
  • excessive spinal curvature
  • insufficient spinal curvature
  • thoracic spine gets shifted to one side or the other
  • isthmic spondylolisthesis,
  • ankylosing spondylitis
  • piriformis syndrome.

There is some good news amongst all this bad news about sciatic nerve pain, and that’s the fact that sciatic nerve pain can generally be cured without the need for surgery, and there is usually no permanent damage which occurs as a result of sciatic nerve pain.

Treatment for sciatic nerve pain

Our chiropractor will customize a plan for you

When you visit us at the Thrive Chiropractic Center, our specialists will diagnose the underlying cause of your sciatic nerve pain before attempting any kind of treatment. Since this type of pain is always particular to a given patient, we never use a one-size-fits-all kind of treatment, but instead customize our approach to your specific circumstances. Once we have learned where your sciatic pain is originating and what its real cause is, we’ll be able to formulate an effective program of treatment which will remediate that pain.

Some of the possible forms of treatment we may include in your program could be traction, spinal adjustments, specific types of exercises and stretches, heat or ice, massage therapy, and specialized stretches for sciatic pain. In some cases, our chiropractic experts may recommend that you expedite the whole process by performing some at-home exercises and stretches as well, but the bulk of your treatment will take place during your chiropractic sessions with us.

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